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Episode 37:

  1. Production scheduling

    1. Production

    2. What’s in My Teapot

    3. Materials Sourcing

    4. After 5

  1. Production

    1. Gnome Socks by Spilly Jane

      1. Camp KIP Theme

      2. Using the recommended Brown Sheep Nature spun. Tried to use Knitpicks “palette” but couldn't find colors I liked.

      3. Tension is a bit wonky. I think it's mostly because I'm concerned about the floats getting to tight across the back.

      4. Through the hats and faces of the first row of gnomes. Getting ready to cast on the white for beards and then the next row is the start of the oh so scary three color rows! <EEEEEK>

    1. The Bee Keeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl knits

      1. Hexipuffs!

      2. I tried to avoid it I even found the vlog post mildly annoying and yet I bought the pattern and am happily hexipuffing away.

      3. My puffs are a bit smaller than what the pattern is calling for as I'm knitting mine on two sz one circular needles. I found the method in the pattern of knitting them on DPNs a bit hard on my hands .

      4. I have 7 out of the 345 some odd puffs that I'll need. Woohoo! Gonna be a long ride!

    2. The Brea Bag

      1. My Brea Bag came back out of the prjectbag thid week. I tore out the previously made gussett anf reknit it stranding with a new hank of Alpaca Ultra. (I had previously rant out. I'. not happy with the tension at the very end of the gussett. The beginning is knit much more tightly than the end. I'll be tearing this back AGAIN this week and hopefull be able to put it together and have it finished and ready for use!

  1. What's In my Tea Pot

    1. Republic of Tea Hot Apple Cider Tea

    2. A naturally-caffeine free blend of apples, cinnamon cloves and ginger. Reminiscent of apple cider, with the luscious aroma of cinnamon and cloves, make this cup the perfect accompaniment to the colors of the harvest season.

      1. This is no replacement for the mulled cider recipe I shared in Episode 26 “Double Bubble or Mulling it over” but in a pinch if there is no way to get the real deal... it's better than nothing. Has a tendency to go bitter when over steeped. I think it's the ginger and clove that get a bit to aggressive if you forget the bag in the bottom of the mug.

  2. Materials Sourcing

    1. The Merino Camel is done! Plied and washed.

    2. I've never seen so much dirt come out of yarn! Humphrey must have been filthy. The dirt was coming off in clouds!

    3. The end result is really soft with a bit o a tweed look. All in all I'm happy with the finished product. I’m still looking for that elusive consistent single but that will come with time. I came up with abut 250 yds of yarn so I'll be looking for a small project to use it on

    4. Back on the wheel currently is the 4 oz of Jacob. I had one bobbin done previously and I'm still working through the 1st 2oz ball.

  1. After 5

    1. Happy Birthday B

    2. Cowmoons

      1. I have no Idea what these are.  They may be some strain relate to Highland Cattle at least that’s what they most resemble from an image search.

      2. B has always argued that what ever they are they are not cows. They have previously been Moose.

      3. He loves to tell me stories about them.  One is how the “cowmoons” eat apples.  I got a whole in depth story about ho the cowmoons use their “Antlers “ to knock down the apples.

      4. This morning on the way to school I asked him if he thought the Cowmoons would be 9ut and he said “No,  they won’t be out because there’s snow and they’ll get cold toes.”


    1. Monster meat

      1. Sasquatch Jerky.


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