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Episode 34: New Year's Round Up or “Live From NE Ohio”

  1. Production Scheduling

    1. Events

    2. Production

      1. Finished Objects

      2. UFO's

      3. Favorite Project

      4. Ugliest FO?

    3. What's in my tea pot

    4. Materials Sourcing

    5. After 5

  2. Events

    1. Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival http://www.pghknitandcrochet.com/ February 10, 11, 12 of 2011.

    2. Camp KIP Session #1 will run April 21-24, 2012 The 2nd Annual Camp Kip retreat will be hosted at Cedar Creek Conference Center in New Haven, MO

  3. Production

    1. The Holden Shawlette by Mindy W ilkes being knitted from Wollmeise Twin in Nazar Boncugu ( merino super wash, semisolid) Electric Blue.

        1. Through the chart the 1st time, once more to go. I blanked out on this I thought I was done until I checked the pattern to make sure I was supposed to bind off in picot. That's when I noticed the note to knit the chart twice.

        2. Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater by Carole Barenys

          1. One sleeve most of the way done. About ½ inch more of ribbing. Then pick up the second sleeve...

    2. Year of the baby projects. Ave been ignored I'm starting to hate baby hats.

    3. Finished Objects

      1. Melissa's socks

      2. Baby Swirl Hat

      3. The Pedestrian Crossing Cowl by Melissa Sibley

      4. 2 Toddler sweaters for Wool-Aid

      5. The Day Break Shawl By Stephen West.

      6. The Clapotis by Kate Gilbert

      7. the EMBASSY SCARF by Amy Polcyn

      8. The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief by Orange Flower patterns

      9. Kitschy Teacup Pot Holder

      10. The Summerflies Shawl by Holly and Ella Knits

      11. Nate's Beard Hat

      12. Twisty Sister Cabled Hand Warmers by Kate Gondwana

      13. I heart lace by Inese Andzane

      14. Mohawk Hat by Darlene Dale

      15. The Incredible Custom fit Raglan Sweater by Pamela Costello

      16. Beaded Ornament from 12 Exquisite Beaded Ornaments to Knit published by Leisure arts

      17. Mom's Christmas Sock's

      18. The Dragon slayer Ear flap Hat by Pixiebell Elfinwear

    1. UFO's

      1. Juno Regina by Miriam Felton

      2. Fulled Lopi Tote done in Plarn

      3. The Brea Bag

    2. Favorite Project

      1. Summerflies Shawlette

      2. ___________________

    3. Ugliest FO?

      1. Age of Brass and Steam Shawl.

    4. Goals for 2011

      1. Color Work

      2. Entrelac

      3. A sweater for myself that fits

      4. Update my project page and be a better picture taker.

  1. What's in my Tea Pot

    1. Adagio Teas “Christmas”

    2. The tea to get you into the holiday spirit! This blend of bright, tangy Ceylon black tea flavored with warm cinnamon, pungent cloves, and orange peels is a Christmas delight. Spicy and fresh aroma, outdoorsy and cozy, with a balanced tangy flavor and slightly sweet finish. Perfect to sip while decking the halls, being jolly, or dreaming of a white Christmas.

  2. Material's Sourcing

    1. Counter Weight Brake Tensioning System

      1. I bobbin of corriedale to test it out,.

    2. Mystery wool Black Cherry from wool fest.

  3. After 5

    1. Austentatious Crochet

    2. Winner's of the Christmas Memory Contest.

      1. WiscKnitter The Sassafras Creations Jewelry

      2. RealYankee Skein of Lorna's Lace's in Amy's Vintage office

      3. WV Crafty wins the Tea themed project bag

      4. Creative Vibe wins the 20.00 knitpicks cetificate

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  • Coffee maker are intented to brew ceffoe. Invest in buying a tea pot or you can even buy a cup that has a strainer built in to it. These cups with strainer can be bought on some Asian store or you can find one online, the prices are from $3 and up. The perfect brewing for tea is that your water is about 160 degrees, you can tell by when the water has tiny bubbles along the edges. If you brew it hotter than 160 then you kill the flavenoids which is the component of the tea that is an anti oxidant

    posted by: Kailah on 2013-10-29 02:22:01

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